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Change default password

We strongly recommend you to change default password. To do it, please click on user in top right corner, click "Account settings" and navigate to "Change password".


Deploy an agent

Every kind of potentially long operation (like Import or Training) is performed on so-called agents. Before you can use Supervisely, you should deploy at least one.

Go to Cluster page and click "Add agent". Execute command from popup window on your server in terminal (you can use the same machine where Supervisely is deployed).

The status of deployed agent should change from "Waiting" to "Running". Now you can start using all features of Supervisely!

Pro tip

Choose "Share with all users" from agent context menu if you want any user of your instance to perform tasks on it.

Create new users

By default we create two users: "admin" (to administrate instance) and "supervisely" (to provide demo projects and models in Explore).

We strongly advice you to keep admin account clean from models and projects and create separate teams and users for security reasons - if you would perform all the work in admin's team you may accidentally end up with overpopulated team with full access to everything.

Click on user in top right corner and select "Users". Here you can manage existing users, delete them, login under theirs accounts and create new one.

Click "Signup" to create new user. We will automatically create new team for that user and populate "Plugins" section with default plugins, marked as "Seed" (i.e. "Import / Images" or "DTL").

Import your own dataset

Go to Import page, make sure preset "Supervisely / Images" is selected and drag-and-drop a folder with some images. Enter a name for a new project, wait till the files will be uploaded and click "Import". New import task has been started and after no time you will see your new project on Projects page.