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Follow this guide to upgrade your current Supervisely instance.

Step-by-step manual

Step 1. Bring your instance down

First, let's stop Supervisely. To do it, run docker-compose stop command in folder with your docker-compose.yml file.

Step 2. Backup your data and configuration

This step is optional, but highly recommended. To be sure your can always go back to a previous version, copy and save somewhere those two folders:

  • Configuration folder: directory where you have your docker-compose.yml and .env files. We usually choose /opt/supervisely or /supervisely, but if you have installed Supervisely yourself, this folder can be somewhere else.
  • Database folder: sometimes your upgrade requires database migration so it's a good idea to backup db before. Database files are stored in ${DATA_PATH}/db. Default value is /supervisely/data/db.

Step 3. Replace your current configuration

Replace your current docker-compose.yml file with the one we have sent you.

Usually you don't have to replace your current .env file. Check that nothing has changed, but, if something has, replace it, but do not forget to save variables like SERVER_ADDRESS from the previous file.

Step 4. Run update

Run docker-compose up -d in folder with docker-compose.yml file. This action will have two effects:

  • Your current docker services like api or web interface will be started from the latest version
  • (optional) New values for configuration may be applied
  • (optional) migrator service may update your database structure to the latest version

Step 5. Check your new version

Wait a couple of minutes and open Supervisely. Everything should work fine and you can start using new functionality.


Here is a typical script that does update:

# Switch to your Supervisely folder (docker-compose.yml directory)
cd /opt/supervisely

# Stop Supervisely
docker-compose stop

# Create backup dir
mkdir backup

# Copy database and current configuration to backup dir
cp /supervisely/data/db docker-compose.yml .env backup/

# Replace current configuration with updated 
cp ~/Downloads/supervisely-update/docker-compose.yml docker-compose.yml

# Restart docker services to run update
docker-compose up -d 


My agent changed its status to WAITING: There are two possible reasons - either agents were disconnected during update (inn this case just wait a couple of minutes more), either you forgot to set SERVER_ADDRESS in .env.

Nothing works now. How do I go back?: In case of any problems with new release it's easy to go back to a previous version. Just replace your new configuration files with the previous ones from backup, do the same with database folder and hit docker-compose up -d once again.