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Local files

Drag and drop files and directories from your computer direct to browser.

Step 1: Go to Import page

Just click "Import" menu in left menu.

Step 2: Select format of data you are going to upload

There are several supported types of formats.

  • Images (Default)
    • Used to upload directories with images
  • Supervisely Format

  • Aberystwyth

  • Bin masks

  • Crops and weeds

  • Kitti

  • CityScapes - to upload directory with Cityscapes dataset

  • Mapillary - to upload directory with Mapillary dataset.

  • PascalVoc - to upload directory with PascalVoc dataset.

Step 3: Drag and drop data to special area on the page

Each format has its own requirements on files structure:


Uploading folders is extremely useful when you are going to upload large amounts of files.


This feature is supported only with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Step 4: Define Project settings

After you have dragged files/directories, you will be moved to uploading page. The "Import" will upload all files and directories recursively.


Do not close browser tab during uploading process

You have to define Project name and click "Start import" button.

Step 5: Wait until the task is completed

You will be moved to "Task status" page. It also has progress bar. New project will be added when the import process is finished.

At this stage import adds all necessary information to database, checks files hashes and uploads only unique files. Also it generates small and optimized versions of each image for preview and icons.