18 May 2020


  • You can now copy tags from the previous image

  • Added list view for projects and datasets

  • Added an option to send notifications on endpoints via HTTP requests

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug with tags dissapearing upong cloning a Labeling Job

  • Fixed the list of available plugins for adding data to an existing project

  • Fixed bug with rolling back changes in the Annotation interface

  • Fixed activity log for team memebers

20 April 2020


  • You can now add .pcd and .mp4 to an existing project

  • Get Activity Log from Member's content menu

  • Change threshold after Exams has already started

  • Automatically login user to correct team when opening link to a project

  • AnnotationInfo now has labelerLogin and createdAt fields

  • Add pagination to .pcd files list

Bug fixes:

  • Fix missing tags settings during labeling jobs cloning

  • Fix problem when attaching tag on image that already has that tag

  • Fix bug in jobs.stats

  • Fix problem when coping porject into an empty workspace

  • Fix bug with project class restoring