2 November 2020


  • OpenID http proxy support

  • Pixel perfect zoom to cursor

  • Better frustum settings for cuboids

  • Better WASD navigation in point cloud labeling tool

  • Low disk space warnings

  • Automatic cleanup tasks

Bug fixes:

  • 502 bad gateway error permanent fix

8 October 2020


  • Intorducing resolution scale option in images annotation tool to improve rendering performance

  • Show warning if HW acceleration is unavailable in your browser

  • http-proxy & noproxy settings for agent

Bug fixes:

  • Annotations lines width

  • Multiple bug fixes

15 September 2020


  • Limit editing history size in images annotation tool

  • Introducting labeling new mode to show and restore removed figures and objects

  • Improved frame preloading speed in video tool

17 August 2020


  • New "go to frame" hotkey in video labeling tool

  • Scroll to figure in image labeling tool

  • Opening labeling job notification automatically scrolls to the job

  • Jobs filter added Pending & Finished

  • Can now filter objects by tag value in image labeling tool

  • Annotation object id on scene in point-cloud annotation tool

Bug fixes:

  • Memory consumptions optimizations

  • Video rendering optimizations

  • Improved storage performance

04 August 2020


  • Added an option to change 'next/previous 10 frames' to an adjustable number of frames in the Video Annotator

  • Added API call to extract specific checkpoint

  • Added an option to keep the assigned images when cloning Jobs

  • Added model identificator to the Neural Networks list

  • Added filters to the user list on Labeling Job creation page

  • Updated Moving Cursor Time in statistics

  • Added an option to select multiple tags for the frame range in the Video Editor

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed scroll to the Job in the Labeling Job list

  • Fixed email editing

  • Multiple bug fixes

17 July 2020


  • Moved pagination to the backend for Labeling Jobs

  • Added an option to create Labeling Exams without selecting Classes (Now it's possible to create one with just the Tags selected)

  • Added online/offline indicators to the Users page

  • Added erase underlying objects" for crop / fill in bitmap tool

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed filtering objects by tag

  • Fixed slowdown for polygons with a large number of points

  • Fixed issues with 3D Point Cloud Pen tool selection

  • Fixed issues with large remote images

  • Fixed the 'The following images with hashes were not found' DTL error

22 June 2020


  • 🤩 HUGE! A new project option "multiple tags mode" which allows you to assign a single tag multiple times. A must have when it comes to a labeling consensus

  • ... and of course a new option "Labeler sees tags" so now you can hide tags made by other labelers to remove labeling bias

  • New hotkeys: quickly switch between brush / fill tool options

  • Custom meta properties for images: attach custom IDs to match two DBs or 100Mb matrices for future inference

  • Reset settings button for the image labeling tool (handy for resetting brightness / contrast and opacity)

  • Quick one of tag value selection: now you can just select a tag, press "3" to select third value and press "enter" to confirm

  • Now we show a name of the last labeling job in which dataset was participated to know what dataset is yet to be labeled

  • Better handling of laaaaaaaaaaaaaaarge project and dataset names in the table view

  • API: Archive / unarchive labeling jobs

  • API: Retain createdAt and updatedAt fields in tags and figures in the annotations.bulk.add method

Bug fixes:

  • Keypoints removal fixed

  • Cuboids creation improved

  • Maintain case sensitivity in the Links plugin

28 May 2020


  • Added real-time project meta update to the annotation interface: now you don't need to manually refresh the page to sync up with other people working on your project

  • Added labeler name to the member activity page

  • Added split images randomly / by name dropdown menu for Labeling Jobs

  • Added by labeler to the annotation interface filter

  • Added activity_logs.attach/detach/update_tag for tags to the API

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed stats refresh after deleting objects

  • Fixed word-warp for titles to the projects list

  • Fixed the wrong error description for Labeling Jobs

18 May 2020


  • You can now copy tags from the previous image

  • Added list view for projects and datasets

  • Added an option to send notifications on endpoints via HTTP requests

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug with tags dissapearing upong cloning a Labeling Job

  • Fixed the list of available plugins for adding data to an existing project

  • Fixed bug with rolling back changes in the Annotation interface

  • Fixed activity log for team memebers

20 April 2020


  • You can now add .pcd and .mp4 to an existing project

  • Get Activity Log from Member's content menu

  • Change threshold after Exams has already started

  • Automatically login user to correct team when opening link to a project

  • AnnotationInfo now has labelerLogin and createdAt fields

  • Add pagination to .pcd files list

Bug fixes:

  • Fix missing tags settings during labeling jobs cloning

  • Fix problem when attaching tag on image that already has that tag

  • Fix bug in jobs.stats

  • Fix problem when coping porject into an empty workspace

  • Fix bug with project class restoring