Clean Up
User can clean cached images, stored neural networks (NN) weights and temporary task directory. Node storage shows actual information about used space.
Clean data carefully. Especially it is crutial for NN weights.
Do not clean-up cached data when agent has active tasks

Disk usage section

In order to see used disk space go to Cluster section and click on your active node name. After that, wait a few seconds to receive space usage information:

Remove cached images

When user Agent is working, caches of images is generating for data transfering minimization. This data can be cleaned safely.
  • Click to "REMOVE CACHED IMAGES" button and wait for task finish.

Remove cached neural networks models

When you train, deploy or inference neural networks - model weights automatically saves to your agent directory.
Before remove NN weights folder check that all important models were uploaded to Supervisely Server.
  • For node clean-up click to "REMOVE CACHED NN WEIGHTS" button.

Remove cached tasks

Every runned task generate directory which can be savely cleared or removed after task is ended. The process of clearing finished task is automated, but in some cases (e.g. task crashed) task data continues to exist.
Every task directory after cleaning still contains log file
  • For cached tasks clean-up "REMOVE CACHED TASKS" button and wait for task finish.