This layer (skeletonize) extracts skeletons from bitmap figures.
"src": [
"dst": "$sample2",
"action": "skeletonize",
"settings": {
"method": "thinning",
"classes": [
Each figure of class "cool-bitmap" will be reduced to 1 pixel wide representation. Each source mask (figure of shape "bitmap") produces one resulting mask (shape "bitmap").
It uses scikit-image as a backend, so three methods of skeletonization are provided. For more information, look here.
For large images it may be... not fast.


  • classes โ€” list of classes to apply transformation. Only classes with shape "bitmap" are allowed.
  • method (type: enum ["skeletonization", "medial_axis", "thinning"]) โ€” algorithm of processing.


Illustrated example of usage may be found here.
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